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Business to Customer (B2C)

You are owner of a new or existing company and you need professional ICT solutions but you do not want to pay massive amounts for your ICT Infrastructure ?

Now you can take advantage of our new concept called “Hire An IT Company” !

Cyberconsult offers a broad selection of IT services, which cover the main IT sub-sectors constructing the IT infrastructure of small businesses and start-up companies.

This means you no longer have to rely on “big” IT companies, that will likely drain your budget for the same or similar service of arguably superior quality.

With us you will receive personal attention - each point of contact with the same person, who will be familiar with your needs and potential issues.

That way you will not waste any more time on the phone with call centers, waiting for the other person to remember/authenticate who you are before beginning to review your call logs and read the full documentation on your infrastructure, to ask questions that you have already answered before.

Now you can have all of these services on demand for a fixed price!

Just check our calendar for the desired time slot you would prefer to hire Cyberconsult for, fill the required information and we will contact you to talk about the details.

Dr. Peter Luchev
Managing Director - Out-Patient Department Kazanlak Ltd.

Mr. Stefan Rusev provided for us highly efficient and professional solutions of problems, concerning network and security, as well as reliable advice on preservation of firm information. A serious and trustworthy expert.

Hristo Kurtev
CO-finder & General service manager - SubcommPools. Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

Cyberconsult is providing great service, and help us in hard and stressful moments to keep us going forward.

Graham Heaford
Drayton, Norfolk

A friendly and efficient service which effectively solved our broadband range issues when our provider had failed spectacularly.

General Manager - LUXPRINT LTD.

Cyberconsult provided us with great consultancy services, helped us with the design and implementation of our ICT infrastructure in respect of our latest high-tech printing house built on over 20,000 sq ft

Teodor Kolarov
ICT Infrastructure Administrator for SuperAbrasive Global , Atlanta GA USA

Cyberconsult provides great solutions for Small Business, regarding Servers consolidation, Networking, Storage and remote services.

George Brown
Photographer, Heacham UK

A very capable and likeable young man, who gets the job done in a very professional manner. Network & Computer related problems, remotely works on your computer. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended.

Inspector Parzhanov
Crime Unit, Inteligence Police Department

Stefan was helping us for more than two years, as an IT consultant and analyst for our police department on investigations, related with cyber-crimes. Very reliable person.