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About Cyberconsult

Cyberconsult is a “One Person Company” established in the late 2001 in Eastern Europe.

The main purpose of the company is the offering of Information and Telecommunication Services for private clients and small and medium businesses. Cyberconsult’s main focus is the quality of service and personal attention to clients, combined with performance in short deadlines at competitive prices.

Over the years we have specialised in the delivery of services such as Infrastructure Design, Virtualisation, Data Storage, Backup & Recovery, Networking, Software Integration, as well as complete ICT Infrastructure solutions for small & medium businesses, start-up companies and Private clients.

Our clients are individuals and businesses from all parts of Europe, including doctors, engineers, designers, accountancy practices, law firms, printing companies, stores, factoies, and IT companies. Over the years we also participated in projects at state institutions in Eastern Europe – hospitals and police departments.

After 15 years in business, we continue to be different and to develop a variety of services, while maintaining a high standard of professionalism, flexibility of working hours, project execution within tight deadlines and continuing to offer what “big” IT companies can not - namely special attention and a personalised service to our clients.

About Me

Dear Customer,

My name is Stefan Rusev and I was born in the Valley of Roses, the city of Kazanlak, located in Eastern Europe.

From early age, I srated getting interested in electrical engineering and electronics and everything that is related to computers. I got my first computer "Sinclair QL" at age 9 and after the age of 12, my parents gave my first x86-based desktop PC with MS-DOS 5 and MS Windows 3.0

My interest in computers deepened when I reached 16 when I started working as a computer technician and consultant to a local computer company called Florance2, which was one of the leading companies in the region. A year later I started working as a technician and a local administrator on the second largest internet company in the region called Internet Group providing Dial-UP and Leased Lines.

During my studies at the College of Mechanics and Electrical Engineering "Ivan Hadjienov". I was involved in the design of the local school system network and the setup of the school IT training office. My duties were related to the infrastructure architecture and the management of the project. All equipment was donated by a former student of the school, Mr. Asen Asenov, who is an expert in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics.

At the age of 19 I joined the army as telecommunications engineer, but due to my computer knowledge and experience I was "offered" to "work" in the headquarters, part of a hub directly connected with military intelligence.

After the completion of my military duties in the late 2001, I created the company "Cyberconsult" whose purpose was to offer IT services to a limited number of customers in order to provide better personal attention to clients as well as high quality services. Another objective of the company was to provide real prices for IT services, significantly more competitive than the majority of the regional medium-sized IT companies.

Everything else associated with the company, you can read at About Cyberconsult

In the late 2001 me and my partner Ioana settled permanently in Norwich, England, as we believe that this is the place where we see a good future for us.

Any free time between projects I spend in travelling to undiscovered places as well as improving my knowledge in the field of information technology and telecommunications. I am certified with Cisco, Microsoft, ComTIA +, VMWARE, HP Storage Solutions, and PQMS UK - Cabling & FUJICURA Fibre Splice.

I specialise in infrastructure design, deployment, transformation and management, with focus on virtualization, data storage, backup and core & campus networking. I have been working in ICT environments as an ICT Technician, ICT Engineer, Technical consultant, ICT Project Manager and ICT Architect for Small Businesses and Start-up companies.

Dr. Peter Luchev
Managing Director - Out-Patient Department Kazanlak Ltd.

Mr. Stefan Rusev provided for us highly efficient and professional solutions of problems, concerning network and security, as well as reliable advice on preservation of firm information. A serious and trustworthy expert.

George Brown
Photographer, Heacham UK

A very capable and likeable young man, who gets the job done in a very professional manner. Network & Computer related problems, remotely works on your computer. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended.

Teodor Kolarov
ICT Infrastructure Administrator for SuperAbrasive Global , Atlanta GA USA

Cyberconsult provides great solutions for Small Business, regarding Servers consolidation, Networking, Storage and remote services.

General Manager - LUXPRINT LTD.

Cyberconsult provided us with great consultancy services, helped us with the design and implementation of our ICT infrastructure in respect of our latest high-tech printing house built on over 20,000 sq ft

Inspector Parzhanov
Crime Unit, Inteligence Police Department

Stefan was helping us for more than two years, as an IT consultant and analyst for our police department on investigations, related with cyber-crimes. Very reliable person.

Hristo Kurtev
CO-finder & General service manager - SubcommPools. Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

Cyberconsult is providing great service, and help us in hard and stressful moments to keep us going forward.

Graham Heaford
Drayton, Norfolk

A friendly and efficient service which effectively solved our broadband range issues when our provider had failed spectacularly.