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Data Network

Data Network

Тhe design and implementation of your wired & wireless data network infrastructure is an important aspect and is directly linked to the development of your business (security and capacity planing).

Cyberconsult successfully designs and implements data network into IT infrastructure for small, medium businesses and Start-up companies, built with CISCO, HP, BROCADE and other and network equipment, which allows building of reliable network infrastructure, capable to handle your data needs. Our Design also allows future expansion in near future without requiring fundamental changes and causing impact to your business and to generate significant costs.

Cyberconsult implement and support semi-automated "Proactive and Reactive" network maintenance services and models. Your future or current Network Infrastructure can be (re)designed to a structured, well-known maintenance models like ITIL and FCAPS.

Our Services Include:

  • Wired Lan Network Design - including all aspects of high-availability design and implement when required to provide reliable network, redundancy and fault tolerance including traffic segmentation for connectivity between your servers & services and clients, your branch offices and mobile clients.
  • Metropolitan & Wide Area Network Design - high-availability and load balancing design with end to end traffic separation over MPLS and specific dedicated connectivity technologies to provide remote connectivity with security, network redundancy and fault tolerance for your sites and customers in the same geographic area and services like VMWARE vMSC* (VMWARE vSphere Metro Storage Clusters) remote managed access points and others.
    * We don’t implement NetAPP Storage Solutions
  • Wireless Lan Network Design We have good experience with design and implement of centralised wireless infrastructure solutions based on CISCO equipements for client roaming between access points, centralised authentication, client isolation and others.

Our Network Services also include:

  • Network Core Switching - high speed backbone design & implement (CISCO and BROCADE only)
  • SAN/HYPERVISOR Infiniband Backbone Networking - 20/40GBit+ backbone design & implement (BROCADE only)
  • MAN/WAN/LAN Network Segmentation - end-to-end network traffic segmentation (CISCO only)
  • LAN Network Client isolation - end-to-end design and implement of VLAN & PRIVATE pVLAN (CISCO specific models only)
  • Routing between different networks, subnetworks, sites and Internet Providers
  • Private and Public IPv4 & IPv6 address planing & managment
  • Network equipment Installation and Configuration
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Authentication Servers implement (RADIUS, TACACS+ )
  • Remote Access Server Configuration
  • File Server configuration for image configuration backup, restore
  • Backup network configuration files, monitoring databases and others.
  • Network monitoring & management using vendor specific and specialised applications
  • Troubleshooting problem reports
  • Tuining network performance
  • Ensuring compliance with legal regulations and company policies
  • Pro-documentation
  • Consultancy
  • Others