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Infrastructure Design & Build Consultancy

Infrastructure Design & Build Consultancy

Cyberconsult has good experience with the design and implementation of complete solutions for small businesses and startup companies. Some of our services include core infrastructure design and implementation, capacity planning, server consolidation, virtualisation, security, storage, back-up, software license & pro-documentation.

We will take into consideration your current needs and future expectations for the development of your business and will help you with the design and integration of a solution that meets your requirements and allows your company to grow.

We will take into account all aspects that affect your company’s future and will comply with your established budget.

Due to the concept of our business (One Person Company) we work with only one client at a time. This way we offer priority and personal attention for every client for a competitively priced service.

Cyberconsult consults and provides solutions for:

  • Existing infrastructures
  • Set up of new infrastructures