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Structural Cabling

Structural Cabling

The design and implementation of your structural cabling is an important aspect of your infrastructure and is directly linked to the development of your business (capacity planing)

Combining it with a well-designed network infrastructure will provide you with a solid foundation for building your IT infrastructure.

Issues such as poorly terminated connector, unsuitable or low quality cable wired through an unsuitable area (interference) could lead to unstable infrastructure. Such issues are often difficult to find and could leave your business on the sidelines.

Cyberconsult is experienced in the planning, installation and testing of the mail types of cable such as:

  • Twisted Pair cables (all types and sockets)
  • Fibre cables (Single & Multi Mode) including splice & test
  • Telco cable and phone sockets installaton
  • Coaxial cable types

Over the years Cyberconsult successfully implemented patch panels, telecommunication and server racks.