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Advanced Home Multipoint Wireless Infrstructure (ESS)

Advanced Home Multipoint Wireless Infrstructure (ESS)

Cyberconsult successfully implements professional grade, wireless network solutions for bigger households, which are difficult to be covered by single wireless devices usually provided by your Internet Service Provider.

Using CISCO and Ubiquiti Enterprise series products we can achieve full wireless coverage (indoor and outdoor) with roaming between access points, without re-connection of your devices during migration process from one access point to another.

The whole network infrastructure wireless and wired can be designed with a centralised security management which allows the easy management and services such as “user single sign-on” authentication, authentication between multiple sites and others.

With the same success we implement these systems into family ran hotels, restaurants, and similar businesses with option for “data usage billing”, “content filtering” , “data logging”, “traffic prioritisation” “Multiple Internet Providers aggregation” and others.

All the above technologies, combined with Security appliances like Authentication Servers, Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems give you the essential base for a complete wireless network infrastructure.