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Multiple WAN Router & Firewall Installations

Multiple WAN Router & Firewall Installations

For our customers with special requirements, Cyberconsult offers installation of semi-professional and professional routers and security appliances, which allows simultaneous connectivity to multiple internet providers at once (including mobile carriers) as well as advanced security and a variety of additional services.

This is a great solution for slow broadband areas for households with multiple wireless or wired devices, or family ran hotels with many guests. With “Load Balancing” service between multiple Internet Providers the “maximum simultaneous connection limitation” can be increased so that more devices can be connected at once, with less “buffering” and unpleasant messages like “connection time out”.

The overall download and upload Broadband speed will be increased as well.

Redundancy between providers will guarantee continuous connectivity to internet in case of Internet Provider fail. In the meantime you will be able to access your home infrastructure (like personal cloud) from internet anytime.

Cyberconsult also successfully implements professional grade wireless and wired networks for bigger households, whose equipment allows services like full wireless coverage with roaming between access points without re-connection of your devices, migrating from one access point to another and increased & centralised security as well.

Specific devices or services (like voice over IP or video streaming) can have high priority compared with others.

All the above technologies, combined with Security appliances like Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems give you complete home infrastructure.

Please check our Advanced Wireless Infrastructure ESS section.

For home infrastructures, we are working closely with Cisco, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti Enterprise series and Draytek products for small households.