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Hire an IT Company & IT Partnership

We have an unique proposal! Now you can “Hire a whole IT Company”!

As Cyberconsult is a “One Person Company” it works in a different way compared with “mid-sized IT companies” and because of that we can offer completely new way of service delivery! It doesn’t matter what kind of customer you are, what sort of business you are running, you can hire Cyberconsult and the whole company will work only for you ! And even better - on a fixed price!

Cyberconsult offers Business Partnership to IT Companies and End Customers which will help your business to grow and your future projects to become reality without your company hiring a bunch of expensive Informational Technologies and Communications Professionals or start contracts with expensive and unwieldy “Middle size” IT Companies!

Because Cyberconsult acts like a “One Person Company” for that, all services are provided as one person. That person (company) can be hired for certain period of time on a fixed rate.

And it is so easy to be done, just go to our “Hire an IT Company” booking form, fill in the required fields, choose the time period that you need Cyberconsult for and we will get in touch with you to talk about the details.

Business to IT Business Partnership

Your own IT business has potential, but is not grown enough, to afford all IT Specialists required for your projects on board?

You are missing valuable customers and projects, because of the limited variety of ICT Services provided by your company?

Imagine how many expensive ICT Specialists are required for one project to be completed!

Cyberconsult covers the majority of the essential IT sub-sectors, and the best part is that all these services are provided by one person “one person company”

Now you can have all of these services on demand for a fixed price!

And even better!

That way all our Services provided by Cyberconsult, will effectively be provided by your company, under your Company flag!

We also provide legal side paperwork simplicity solution.

It is so easy !

Business to Customer (B2C)

You are owner of a new or existing company and you need professional ICT solutions but you do not want to pay massive amounts for your ICT Infrastructure ?

Now you can take advantage of our new concept called “Hire An IT Company” !

Cyberconsult offers a broad selection of IT services, which cover the main IT sub-sectors constructing the IT infrastructure of small businesses and start-up companies.

This means you no longer have to rely on “big” IT companies, that will likely drain your budget for the same or similar service of arguably superior quality.

With us you will receive personal attention - each point of contact with the same person, who will be familiar with your needs and potential issues.

That way you will not waste any more time on the phone with call centers, waiting for the other person to remember/authenticate who you are before beginning to review your call logs and read the full documentation on your infrastructure, to ask questions that you have already answered before.

Now you can have all of these services on demand for a fixed price !

Just check our calendar for the desired time slot you would prefer to hire Cyberconsult for, fill the required information and we will contact you to talk about the details.