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Partnership for Structured Cabling Companies

Partnership for Structured Cabling Companies

Because of the close relationship between structural cabling implementation and Information Technologies, Cyberconsult offers the unique option of a partnership between us and structured cabling companies. With this partnership, elements from both sectors are combined and we work together, providing a more comprehensive range of services. At Cyberconsult, we only have trustworthy current partners and we look for future partnerships we can rely on for our most important element – the reliability of the infrastructure of our customers.

With our combined expertise and experience, our companies can achieve better implementation of structured cabling services. With this partnership, we can among other things, offer extensive consultancy and on-site surveys, ultimately leading to a better implementation of structured cabling services.

We can offer a proactive cooperation starting from consultancy and design up to the implementation stages of your services. Furthermore, we can provide additional ICT services expanding your company portfolio, attracting more customers and allowing you to offer a variety of IT services under our combined supervision.

We can help during most stages, starting with the requirements of network design, tailored to the capabilities of the facility and the expectations of customers, ICT requirements such as server rooms and telecommunication hubs, the choice of the most suitable passive and active equipment, their installation and configuration and progressing to a fully operational infrastructure ready for monitoring and administration.

With our experience, you will not only be able to offer and perform your current services but can also include new services such as distributed wireless infrastructures, centralised authentication and management, traffic priority for voice, video and data, edge and local security and other key services you can then offer to your customers with confidence.

Working with Cyberconsult will be a mutually beneficial collaboration. Our set of ICT services can be offered by your company, basically under the flag of your company and at exclusive rates.