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Cyberconsult provides a wide range of services, which work together and build the essential part of Information and Communications Technology infrastructure for small businesses, start-up companies and end customers.

Start Up and Small IT Companies

Start Up and Small IT Companies ›

ICT Consultancy, Design & Build

ICT Consultancy, Design & Build ›

We can help with consulting with your customers and define what their current and future business needs are, how important and reliable the IT infrastructure for the business is. Then, we will proactively contribute to the creation of the infrastructure blueprints, timelines and implementation following architecture approaches like "Cisco top down network design", best practices from ITIL Framework or making custom lifecycle for your customer’s IT infrastructure, optimised regarding your customer's budget, requirements and expectations.

Data Network and Security

Data Network and Security ›

With our Data Network & Security services we can help with the implementation of your customer’s backbone, campus, branch wired and wireless network and internetwork, along with all requirements like traffic engineering, traffic prioritization, local and edge security, remote access, redundancy, capacity planning and others.

Datacenter Virtualisation

Datacenter Virtualisation ›

With our Datacenter Virtualisation services, we can help with the logical and physical design and build of your customer’s datacenter. This covers all aspects from selecting the most suitable virtualisation solution, going through details such as scalability and high availability, software defined network to physical environmental details, datacenter ventilation requirements, power efficiency and backup, to structural cable testing and cable certification.

Data Storage

Data Storage ›

With Data Storage & Backup we can help with the implementation of storage solutions like DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage), SAN (Storage Area Networking) or SDDC (Software Defined Data Center). Regardless of your customer’s requirements such as protocols, data density and availability, we can implement technologies from small storage solutions to active to active failover storage solutions, including externally connected storage providers on low-latency fibre metro networks and similar. For data backup, we can help with installation and configuration of software or hardware based professional backup solutions.

Telepresence & Voice over IP Services

Telepresence & Voice over IP Services ›

Using the best technologies for collaboration changes the way how the business of your customer operates. With this, we can offer a great experience to customers. Customers can cooperate over any distance using voice, messaging and video over IP networks. This can increase the productivity of employees, moving branches and organizations virtually closer together and significantly reduce travelling and communication expenses. Cyberconsult has experience in the use of these technologies and can help with the preparation and implementation in new and existing IT infrastructure.

Software Implementation

Software Implementation ›

For the deployment of software technology, it is very important to consider infrastructure requirements at a very early stage. This ensures the seamless launch and successful implementation, allowing the delivery of the full potential. At Cyberconsult, we have all the experience required to prepare and set-up your IT infrastructure, no matter what the software requirements for you and your customers are. With our services for software implementation, we create solutions you can rely on.

Software Licensing

Software Licensing ›

Software licensing is an important component of an IT infrastructure and significantly impacts the overall investment into IT systems as well as running costs. Software requirements and consequently licensing is crucial when considering requirements and needed functionalities that should be tailored to individual demands and the general design of the IT infrastructure. When considering which branded technologies and functionalities could or should be implemented, it is important to look in detail into the real needs of individual customers and what benefits, limitations and possible complications might arise from adopting certain systems. Furthermore, as Cyberconsult always tries to achieve the best possible results for its customers, we constantly look out for alternatives that might be better suitable, more cost effective or even free but provide at least the same functionality.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning ›

At Cyberconsult we take disaster recovery planning very serious. So should you, and we can help you with that. Disaster Recovery Planning is an optional service of our customer’s infrastructure blueprints. With our disaster recovery planning we help you to plan and cope with the unexpected. This includes the guidance and setting up rules about avoiding predictable and unpredictable issues. Furthermore, if issues appear, you will be prepared and can handle them with ease by acting appropriately according to a set of rules. Our plans include, among others, guidelines how such situations should be handled, what best practices should be followed and all on-site assets required.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling ›

The design and implementation of your customer’s structural cabling is an important aspect of infrastructure reliability and is directly linked to the development and growth of the business (capacity planning). We can contribute to the design of the customers structural cabling infrastructure and assist with the foundation of the whole ICT Infrastructure. We can also help with cable termination, testing and certification of customers fibre optic (MM), twisted pair, patch panels and all connected end devices, using high end technologies from well-known vendors like Fluke and Agilent Technologies. Working in partnership with reliable structured cabling companies allows us to provide physical cable installation which makes our set of services complete.

Management & Monitoring

Management & Monitoring ›

At Cyberconsult we are flexible and will start by looking at what monitoring platform is used. Depending on your requirements, we can adapt and improve existing systems and add missing components where required. By having control over your customers infrastructure, you can ensure that the technology is fit for the purpose and you will be able to provide the best possible service for your customers.

"END" Business Customers ›

IT Infrastructure Audit

IT Infrastructure Audit ›

Our service will allow us to gain a comprehensive overview of the current condition of your infrastructure. We analyse the overall infrastructure health, performance, capacity and further indicators. The IT infrastructure audit will guide us through the process of taking the right steps to find and resolve all current issues and to plan and undertake future upgrades. This will allow your business to continue to function and expand.

Data Storage & Personal Cloud Systems

Data Storage & Personal Cloud Systems ›

With personalized data storage, your information will be centralized and well organized with controlled access levels and better protected from viruses and theft. The synchronisation between your devices can be performed primarily on local level. Your data and specific services can be accessed not only from your office but also from your remote access points, business partners and staff from any place with internet connection.

General Computer Services

General Computer Services ›

We offer a set of common general computer services like printer, scanner and IP phone installation, workstation and server maintenance, performance optimisation, hardware upgrade, data backup and restore, security package solutions, operational system and application installation. We also cover a broad spectrum of network services.


Software ›

We can equally well work with physical computers, virtual machines and appliances based on most major operational systems or hypervisors. We have experience with an extensive range of the software solutions, some of which most likely include the ones used in your business. With our software services we can install, upgrade and maintain your clients and server software and modify them, to suit your requirements.


Relocation ›

The migration of your infrastructure could be a challenging task! In such circumstances, you need help from IT experts. Cyberconsult will examine the “IT documentation” of your current infrastructure or develop one if it does not exist yet. We will support you throughout the entire setup of your new workspace. This includes moving and installing your current or new equipment and ensuring a seamless transition of your work processes after the relocation.

"END" Domestic Customers ›

General Computer Services

General Computer Services ›

Cyberconsult offers a set of common general computer services like printer, scanner and IP phone installation, workstation and server maintenance, performance optimisation, hardware upgrade, data backup and restore, security package solutions, operational system and application installation. We also cover a broad spectrum of network services.