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Because you, the customer, are most important to us, we do our best to provide personalised service and to deliver it in the most convenient way for you.

We understand the IT needs and your everyday expectations and to help with your work process to go smoothly with minimum downtime and in the most beneficial way for you. This allows you to concentrate on the most important thing for you, your business.

When working with us, you will receive personal attention, a bespoke service, as well as a finalized product, executed in the best and fastest possible way.

We are able to build a whole infrastructure from scratch, starting with consultancy and creating the desired design to implementing the overall IT infrastructure plan. Furthermore, at Cyberconsult we can also help with further development and improvement of an already existing infrastructure.

If you already have a established relationship with another IT company, we can work together asa team to achieve the best results for you.

Once a fully functioning infrastructure is fully portioning, maintenance can be provided byyour current IT company (provider) or we can recommend one of our partners.

Please also check our specialized services for “end business customers” and for “partnership and services for startup and small IT companies”

IT Infrastructure Audit

IT Infrastructure Audit ›

Our service will allow us to gain a comprehensive overview of the current condition of your infrastructure. We analyse the overall infrastructure health, performance, capacity and further indicators. The IT infrastructure audit will guide us through the process of taking the right steps to find and resolve all current issues and to plan and undertake future upgrades. This will allow your business to continue to function and expand.

Data Storage & Personal Cloud Systems

Data Storage & Personal Cloud Systems ›

With personalized data storage, your information will be centralized and well organized with controlled access levels and better protected from viruses and theft. The synchronisation between your devices can be performed primarily on local level. Your data and specific services can be accessed not only from your office but also from your remote access points, business partners and staff from any place with internet connection.

General Computer Services

General Computer Services ›

We offer a set of common general computer services like printer, scanner and IP phone installation, workstation and server maintenance, performance optimisation, hardware upgrade, data backup and restore, security package solutions, operational system and application installation. We also cover a broad spectrum of network services.


Software ›

We can equally well work with physical computers, virtual machines and appliances based on most major operational systems or hypervisors. We have experience with an extensive range of the software solutions, some of which most likely include the ones used in your business. With our software services we can install, upgrade and maintain your clients and server software and modify them, to suit your requirements.


Relocation ›

The migration of your infrastructure could be a challenging task! In such circumstances, you need help from IT experts. Cyberconsult will examine the “IT documentation” of your current infrastructure or develop one if it does not exist yet. We will support you throughout the entire setup of your new workspace. This includes moving and installing your current or new equipment and ensuring a seamless transition of your work processes after the relocation.