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General Computer Services

General Computer Services

Server and Applicance Maintenance Service

Cyberconsult offers all services required for maintaining and cleaning up servers and similar computer appliances.

Sometimes the maintenance and continuous monitoring of servers might be neglected. Servers might be kept running without adequate monitoring systems which inform administrators about current and upcoming problems.

Every server and appliance requires an appropriate environment to operate properly and sometimes they require more frequent maintenance. Devices should be kept clean from dust and the cooling elements (e.g. fans) might need to be replaced. Particularly storage devices, such as hard drives and arrays of storage devise, have to be monitored with great attention to avoid corruption and loss of data.

Most server appliances have redundant power supplies. If one of them is faulty, the system can still be running without anyone noticing. Faulty elements should always be repaired or replaced.

We will look into each of the components of the server and ensure it is in good condition to keep your data safe and your business up and running.

Operating System Patching & Upgrade Service

Whether you are looking for an operating system patch or upgrade service, we are happy to help and provide you with working and optimised servers, appliances and clients.

We can help to keep your servers and appliances up to date with latest system and security patches or to perform a system upgrades to a newer version. This is a crucial process both in terms of security as well as functionality.

Patching and upgrading should not be taken lightly. It is an important part to keep the system up to date but difficulties can arise. This might lead to incompatibilities between applications and services, instability, malfunction and new security vulnerabilities.

We will work out what the best decision for a smooth migration is. We will anticipate all required changes, search for potential issues that might appear until we find the best solution to optimize your servers, appliances and client to give the optimal solution.

Data Storage, Backung and Restore

We have a vast experience with the integration of hardware and software data backup solutions which help in the case of loss of data or malfunctions. This service will allow your business to recover with minimum downtime after issues due to hardware, electricity, malware, user interaction etc.

We can also help with keeping file revisions of your important documents and files and the optimisation of data deduplication.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of services we offer in this area:

  • file revision
  • data deduplication
  • backup and restore of entire physical and virtual servers and clients
  • backup and restore of block devices
  • data base backup
  • backup and restore of network appliances, hypervisors, printers etc.

In case of a problem we can react as quickly as possible to sort out the current and upcoming issues with minimum downtime to minimise the impact and consequences for your business.

Security Package Service

Apart from our general “Data Network and Security” services, Cyberconsult also offers an “Essential Security Package” specifically for business end customers with Microsoft based IT infrastructure. This package includes:

  • centralised anti-virus solution
  • firewall and content filtering solutions
  • optimised web browser

This gives you the essential level of security required today. In addition, your operating system will be pre-configured and we will give a short user induction. And the best part is that most of these applications are licence free.

For IT infrastructures which are part of an active directory we can implement a specific set of rules controlling the level of security.


Cyberconsult offers a wide range of services for the installation and implementation of peripherals.

This ranges from small to industry scale FUJI XEROX printing solutions, network scanners, IP phones and most peripherals your business might require.

If you have specific requirements or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.