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IT Infrastructure Audit

IT Infrastructure Audit

The IT Infrastructure plays an essential part in your business and consequently you should be aware about its the current condition, how it can be improved and whether it is capable to meet future expansion requirements of your business.

Improperly designed, implemented or maintained infrastructure will slow down the development of your business and could cause significant complications and losses. This is particularly inconvenient if it happens when your business is about to or in the process of growing and prospering.

One important part where we could start our analysis is for example the backbone of your ICT infrastructure-your network.

After we have gathered enough statistics about the system we can make evidence based conclusions about the current condition, how your network operates, how it can be optimised, what kind of issues you experience and how they can be fixed with minimum impact. Additionally, we can assess future expansion capabilities of the current infrastructure and we can make an estimation if and when it will need to be improved or updated. Capacity planning can be performed for a smooth transition without affecting the performance of your business and causing less discomfort to your employees, lower overall downtimes and lower future financial losses.

Please have a look at the following non-comprehensive list of infrastructure audit services provided by Cyberconsult:

  • Core and Campus Networking
  • Edge Connectivity - Internetworking (branch offices and mobile users)
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Campus and Edge Security
  • Data Storage & Backup
  • Virtualisation & Cloud Services
  • Structured Cabling Verification and Certification
  • Software and Licensing