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General Computer Services

General Computer Services

Operational system optimisation

We will have a look on the Operational System logs and will perform analysis of all events required attention. After we manage to sort our all of issues, your computer will beck to normal, more stable, secured and optimised. This service assures your computer is in good health condition.

Operating System Patch & Upgrade Service

If you are looking for an operating system patch, re-installation or upgrade, we will be happy to help and provide you with a working, optimized OS with all required drivers and peripherals fully installed and, optionally, your “User Profile” migrated.

With upgrades, we can advise you on your selection and purchase of suitable license.

Personal Data Backup & Restore Service

Cyberconsult provide “personal user profile” and “personal data” backup & restore service including services such as:

  • Full system backup & restore including VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service)
  • User profile backup & restore including migration between different Operational Systems
  • Data backup & restore
  • Faulty hard drive replacement

Malicious Software Removal & Security Pack Service

Cyberconsult will search for viruses & malicious software that could potentially compromise your personal information, slow down or damage your computer. After analsysis and desinfection, we will check check the current or we can integrate software security solution pack for Windows Users which includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Firewall, and Content Filtering combined with armoured Web Browser which gives you the essential level of security required today. In addition, your Operating System will be pre-configured and brief “user education” will be preformed. The best part is that all applications are licence free.