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Data Network and Security

Data Network and Security


Тhe design and implementation of your customer’s wired & wireless data network infrastructure is an important aspect and is directly linked to the development of the business (security and capacity planning).

Cyberconsult successfully designs and implements data network and security solutions. This allows the building of reliable ICT infrastructure which is capable to handle your and your customer’s data requirements. When designing a network, we always consider future expansions. If you then require an upgrade, we can implement changes without requiring a fundamental redesign or impairing your business delivery and without generating significant costs.

Cyberconsult follows the current network design for Cisco Architecture & Implementation frameworks such as the PPDIOO (Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, Optimise) lifecycle approach. This allows us to define and implement the essential network domains for current business needs required for borderless networks, collaboration and data centre virtualization.

For our network design we deploy a “top – down design” strategy to tailor your infrastructure for specific applications and needs which will give optimal results to the business. Using a hierarchical network model provides a modular view of the data network infrastructure. This makes it easier to implement, scale and maintain the network.

We can help with the design of campus networks, enterprise edge and remote infrastructure architecture.

Backbone & Datacenter

For your customer’s datacenter and backbone network we can implement high speed physical InfiniBand, IEEE 802ba and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) virtual networks capable to handle the entire load of your customer’s ICT infrastructure.

We have experience with Cisco Nexus and Mellanox! We know how to implement infiniband for high performance, low latency backbone connectivity for your customer datacenters and HPC clusters.

  • Mellanox Managed and Standalone switches
  • Mellanox (UFM) Unified Fabric Manager
  • Mellanox Fabric Managment
  • Mellanox SM, HA, subneting, switching and rounting between infiniband and ethernet networks
  • Optimization and advanced troubleshooting - like symbol errors
  • Campus Networks

    • Wired Lan Network Design - including all aspects to ensure a high-availability and reliability, redundancy and fault tolerance, including traffic segmentation and prioritisation for connectivity between the backbone network and clients, campus facilities and mobile clients.
    • Wireless Lan Network Design - We have a profound experience with the design and implementation of centralised wireless infrastructure solutions, mainly based on CISCO technology for client roaming between access points, centralised authentication, client isolation, etc.

    Edge Connectivity, WAN/MAN

    Metropolitan & Wide Area Network Design - high-availability and load balancing design (Layer 3 only) with end to end L2/L3 traffic separation over MPLS / DMVPN and specific connectivity technologies to provide remote connectivity with security, network redundancy and fault tolerance for your sites, partners and customers.

    Cyberconsult can also prepare your customer’s datacentre infrastructures within the same geographic region for services such as VMWARE vMSC* (VMWARE vSphere Metro Storage Clusters) and ensure compliance to requirements such as roundtrip latency and backbone speed for SAN clustering.

    * We do not offer the implementation of NetAPP Storage Solutions

    Our Data Network Architecture and engineering services include the creation of conceptual network solution designs and implementations for:

    • high availability for access, distribution and core network layers
    • Quality of Service (QoS) - partial and end-to-end
    • end to end traffic isolation for networks and internetworks
    • multicast traffic engineering
    • unicast traffic engineering
    • IPv6/v4 subnetwork design for optimal routing, load balancing and security
    • IPv6/v4 routing and route redistribution for campus environment
    • L2/L3 inter-domain routing and route redistribution, including policy based routing
    • implementation of FHRP protocols like HSRP or VRRP, including traffic engineering for GLBP
    • integration of legacy network protocols (when applicable)
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • broadcast domains isolation and routing
    • LAN network client isolation – pVLAN (specific CISCO models only)
    • local and managed (outsourced) network management services integration
    • F5 load balancer integration and optimisation - virtual servers, virtual IP and pool, pool member & monitoring.
    • NTP server
    • DHCP server
    • DNS server

    Please also have a look on our structured cabling services for fibre and copper verification & certification service.


    We understand that security threats are coming from external and internal sources.

    With the mixing of different layers of technology (like VPN tunnels for remote access, security appliance integration and content filtering on the edge of your infrastructure), physical wired/wireless network access control and identity management services (like directory services, centralised anti-virus solutions and others with comprehensive monitoring), we ensure that you develop and keep a healthy environment for small and medium size businesses.

    Part of our Data Network Security services includes the creatuib of conceptual network solution designs and implementations for:

    • remote access server integration
    • ensuring compliance with legal regulations and company policies
    • centralise of AAA process - Cisco ISE, Cisco ACS, TACACS+, Radius
    • identity management
    • security appliance integration (Cisco ASA)
    • firewall integration (Cisco ISR & ASA)
    • ESS (Extended Service Set) wireless solutions
    • port security and L2/L3 access control list
    • VPN service design & implementation

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional network and security related information.