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ICT Consultancy, Design & Build

ICT Consultancy, Design & Build


Cyberconsult offers consultancy with you and your customers. This allows us to analyse business and technical requirements and helps us define what current and future business needs are and how this needs to be reflected with the IT infrastructure.

Our consultancy service help to choose the optimal solution for the IT infrastructure. This includes the expectations of the customer and adaptation to current and future business needs (capacity planning), based on required applications and budget.

Some of the steps usually required or conducted during our consultancy include:

  • customer consultancy and survey
  • analyse the current and future business ICT requirements
  • survey and audit of current ICT infrastructure
  • current service providers – SLA, survey
  • required services and provider’s availability (ISP, cloud services, datacentre services, managed services, etc.)
  • current IT service provider consultancy and collaboration
  • legal documents - non-disclosure agreement, public liability, etc.


At Cyberconsult we adopt the top ICT architecture frameworks and best practices for design and implementation (e.g. PPDIOO, top-down design, ITIL, etc.) and combine this with our vast experience in this field.

For optimal solutions we develop customized infrastructure frameworks. These are optimized depending on business requirement and expectations and the budget of the customer.

We have a great team of experts and professionals with experience in most ICT sub-sectors. This allows us to deliver project of any size, from a small scale up to public projects.

We know that some businesses rely on continuously operating ICT infrastructure and cannot afford to have downtimes. We always try to minimize downtimes to a minimum and include these considerations already very early in the design stage.

While going through all steps in a project we adapt the ICT infrastructure management and monitoring to comply with the requirements from you or another IT support provider. If your IT company does not provide managed IT Services such as management and monitoring, we are happy to recommend some of our IT service provider partners. These partners can then control and manage the ICT infrastructure of your customer.

Important steps which we should pass through are:

  • blue prints
  • proof of concept
  • ICT documentation
  • inventory list – hardware
  • inventory list – software & licensing
  • timelines including mile stones
  • legal documents
  • service provider

Implementation (Build)

Working proactively in collaboration with your IT company under our partial or full supervision we will help with the implementation of your customer ICT Infrastructure during most stages. This leads to a streamlined process execution with minimum downtime and ultimately resulting in a fully operational system, ready for management.