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Software Licensing

Software Licensing

Software licensing is an important component of an IT infrastructure and significantly impacts the overall investment into IT systems as well as running costs.

Software requirements and consequently licensing is crucial when considering requirements and needed functionalities that should be tailored to individual demands and the general design of the IT infrastructure. When considering which branded technologies and functionalities could or should be implemented, it is important to look in detail into the real needs of individual customers and what benefits, limitations and possible complications might arise from adopting certain systems.

Furthermore, as Cyberconsult always tries to achieve the best possible results for its customers, we constantly look out for alternatives that might be better suitable, more cost effective or even free but provide at least the same functionality.

Cyberconsult offers consultancy with you and your customers for the following vendors and services:

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • VMware
  • VoIP and telepresence
  • data backup
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