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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

The design and implementation of your structural cabling is an important aspect of your infrastructure and is directly linked to the development of your business (capacity planing)

Combining it with a well-designed network infrastructure will provide you with a solid foundation for building your IT infrastructure.

Issues such as poorly terminated connectors, unsuitable or low quality cables wired through an unsuitable area (interference) could lead to an unstable infrastructure. Such issues are often difficult to find and could become a major concern.


As ICT professionals, we use equipment from well-known companies in the structural cabling sector like Fluke Networks, Agilent Technologies and Fujikura. With this we can perform copper and fibre media manipulations (termination), are able to conduct various tests about the infrastructure and can ultimately provide certification that the infrastructure conforms to required standards.

  • Single mode fibre
  • Multi mode fibre
  • Twisted pair up to 1Ghz

  • Consultancy Services

    Cyberconsult offers consultancy for existing IT infrastructure as well for the set-up of a new infrastructure. We do not solely provide the consultancy but can also develop solutions for further developments and improvements.

    Structured Cabling

    Working in partnership with reliable structured cabling companies allows us to provide physical cable installation service under our partial or full supervision.