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Telepresence & Voice over IP Services

Telepresence & Voice over IP Services

Using the best technologies for collaboration changes the way how the business of your customer operates. With this, we can offer a great experience to customers. Customers can cooperate over any distance using voice, messaging and video over IP networks. This can increase the productivity of employees, moving branches and organizations virtually closer together and significantly reduce travelling and communication expenses.

Cyberconsult and our partners have vast experience with integration of Voip and telepresence services for small businesses to National TV media and call centers. Under our full supervision we will help with the preparation and implementation in new and existing IT infrastructure.

  • video conversation and TV bridge
  • WEB based interface - call detail reports and settings
  • SMS messaging
  • unlimited count of internal extension numbers
  • call recording
  • conference vridging
  • call features - transfer, waiting, forwarding, parking, snooping, queuing, monitoring
  • do not disturb, route by caller ID etc.
  • FAX transmit and receive for every extension number
  • interactive voice response (IVR)
  • music on hold, music on transfer with flexible Mp3-based system
  • text-to-Speech, interactive directory listing
  • time groups / time condition / IVR mode - night;day;holiday
  • VoIP billing solution - complex rating and charging engines
  • custom scripting and front end development
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information