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UPS and Power Management and Energy Efficiency Design

UPS and Power Management and Energy Efficiency Design


An important aspect of the design of your infrastructure is the calculation of your current and future energy consumption needs (capacity planning).

Owing to the dynamic development of the technological process and solutions such as energy efficient computing & storage solutions and their management, as well as software solutions such as virtualisation, can help for a significant reduction in the electricity consumption of your infrastructure and carbon dioxide emissions.

High Availability

Business today is directly linked to Information Technologies. Power outages can cause significant damage to your business. Securing your infrastructure with (UPS) electrical equipment to prevent power failures partially or fully allows your IT infrastructure to continue functioning in case of breakdowns in the energy transmission networks without loss of information.

Another benefit of UPS is that the support of a “filtered” input voltage increases the life span of your equipment.

Cyberconsult uses products made by APC and has experience in the installation, maintenance and management of single and three phase solutions.

For electrical cabling, Cyberconsult works with a 3rd party company who is certified in the development of internal electrical installations.