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Structural Architecture & Engineering Companies

Structural Architecture & Engineering Companies

At Cyberconsult we have extensive experience in designing and developing network solutions from small parts of projects to proactive engagement in building and maintaining public facilities.

Our passion is network architecture and the transformation of the best vision, according to the requirements of the project. We develop and achieve the optimal solution realization accompanying the project’s complete vision and its functionality.

We understand the need of design and integration of IT solutions in the appropriate stage of development, which allows structural and network architects to accomplish their visions in the best possible way.

Our ability to read and understand blueprints and see the visions of architects, gives us the opportunity to work together for achieving optimal results.

We can help with the creation of reliable foundations in the development of your customer’s IT infrastructure.

Cyberconsult offers:

  • Consultancy, analyses and research at an early stage leading to choosing the best decision for implementation of Information Technologies and Communications in a project.
  • Development of conceptual solutions for projects involving Information Technologies and Communications.
  • Supervision between design and technology implementation performed by structural cabling companies, on-site consultations, audit and telecommunication cable certification.
  • We offer a wide spectrum of ICT services required for the completion of your projects. By including this set of services into your portfolio you are able to deliver and hand over a fully functioning ICT infrastructure specifically designed for the requirements of your customers.