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Structured Cabling Companies

Structured Cabling Companies


We are happy to offer partial and full supervision for your projects. We can provide on-site consultancy to your employees and/or customers. We can conduct audits of newly build and existing infrastructure (e.g. of optical and twisted pair cables termination, cable verification and certification, etc.). With this you can ensure that the implementation has been done in the best way and conforms to required IT standards.


As ICT professionals, we use equipment from well-known companies in the structural cabling sector like Fluke Networks, Agilent Technologies and Fujikura. With this we can perform copper and fibre media manipulations (termination), are able to conduct various tests about the infrastructure and can ultimately provide certification that the infrastructure conforms to required standards.

Consultancy Services

Cyberconsult offers consultancy for existing IT infrastructure as well for the set-up of a new infrastructure. We do not solely provide the consultancy but can also develop solutions for further developments and improvements.

IT services

In addition to the services mentioned above for structured cabling companies, we also offer a wide range of IT related services. These services can also be provided to structural cabling companies and help you improve and comprehend your range of services. Please have a look at our ICT services for IT companies,"end" business and domestic customers..